Dr. Qaedi: “Ready to Export?” enhances competitiveness of Bahraini products in global markets

Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain   •   March 12, 2019

CChief Executive of Export Bahrain Dr. Nasser Qaedi announced the launch of Export Bahrain’s latest service, “Ready to Export?”. The offering, one of many by Export Bahrain, enables SME’s to evaluate their export readiness and suitability of their products to foreign markets through a simple questionnaire.

“This latest solution is aligned with Bahrain Export’s objectives of providing the necessary tools to enhance the competitiveness of Bahraini products in global markets. It gives Bahrain-based SME’s the ability to check whether or not they are ready to export. It also encourages SME’s to grow and expand by promoting their products the right away and to the right markets, which in turn bolsters Bahrain’s position as a preferred global trading partner.” Dr. Qaedi said.

Export Bahrain’s CE invited both owners of businesses already involved in export activities and those who desire to do so to visit Export Bahrain’s website (export.bh) to fill out the simple ‘Ready to Export?’ questionnaire and obtain a full report to assess current export activities or their readiness to commence export activities.

The questionnaire, which is based on intensive studies conducted by Export Bahrain, focuses on the prerequisites which must be in place before deciding to either commence export or expand export activities, the first of which is the enterprises’ readiness to expand into foreign markets based on its business model, number of employees, production capacity and having a clear export vision and suitable budget.

The second aspect the questionnaire measures is the success of product locally by assessing its advantages, quality, certifications and suitability to foreign market.

The third aspect relates to enterprises’ knowledge of the opportunities available to it globally, either by evaluating the volume of orders received from abroad or the need of international markets for those products.

The further and final aspect assesses the strength of the financial position of the enterprises by checking its readiness to prepare an export action plan and securing the required financial and human resources for such activities.