During a visit to Export Bahrain – Alzayani: ‘Export Bahrain’ is the bridge linking Bahraini enterprises with the international market

13 Apr 2021

Export Bahrain constitutes a vital bridge linking Bahraini enterprises with the global markets, as it facilitates the export of Bahraini products and services to different parts of the world. Export Bahrain also seeks to provide a variety of solutions and services to develop the volume of exports, enhance growth opportunities, and diversify sources of income within the national economy.

This was highlighted by H.E the Minister of Industry, Commerce & Tourism, Chairman of the SME’s Development Board (SDB), Mr. Zayed bin Rashid Alzayani, during an inspection visit to Export Bahrain’s new headquarters located in the Bahrain Financial Harbour. The visit was held in the presence of Acting Chief Executive and Head of Export Bahrain Ms. Safa Abdul Khaliq and her team members on Monday, April 12, 2021.

During the visit, HE the Minister praised the efforts made in equipping the new headquarters and the exceptional achievements of Export Bahrain as a prominent entity in the Kingdom of Bahrain. HE the Minister also praised the national cadre, affirming that this reflects the level of confidence in the competence and discipline of citizens and their ability to take up various leadership, administrative and technical roles.

HE the Minister added that Export Bahrain reflects the Government’s directives in achieving Bahrain’s Economic Vision 2030 and Bahrain’s long-standing commitment to accelerating diversification efforts to support the national economy. These efforts are overseen by the SME Development Board as part of the Coordination Committee’s initiative to support the labour market and strengthen the role of the private sector by encouraging and promoting Bahraini exports to enhance the position of the Kingdom of Bahrain as a global trading partner.

Export Bahrain aims to strengthen the private sector’s role, promote exports and increase the competitive power of local small and medium enterprises. The new headquarters of Export Bahrain is a reflection of the innovation, quality and standards of Bahraini exports.

Since its establishment and until March 2021, Export Bahrain has successfully provided support and facilitation to small and medium Bahraini enterprises to export on a global scale, with total exports exceeding $74 million. This include 46 categories of services and products in 9 different sectors, covering 51 markets around the world. It is also noteworthy to mention that more than 37% of the beneficiary companies were provided with the support needed to be able to export to new overseas markets, while Bahraini women made up more than 39% of the beneficiary companies, and more than 20% of the companies exported their products and services for the very first time.

About Export Bahrain:

Export Bahrain strives to provide an ideal environment to support and develop domestic exports and achieve Bahrain’s 2030 vision of ‘promoting export-oriented sectors to ensure that Bahraini companies embrace the world markets for products and services’.

To achieve this, Export Bahrain developed a diversified portfolio of services and solutions to strengthen export resilience and enable any motivated business in Bahrain to reach customers anywhere in the world.

Companies can send their applications to Export Bahrain’s headquarters which is located at the Bahrain Financial Harbor – Harbor Gate, 5th floor or by sending us an email to info@export.bh or by calling us at 17383999.

For more information, please visit our website at export.bh or through our social media platforms using @exportbahrain.