Team Message

Export Bahrain is a partner to all exporting and aspiring exporters in Bahrain seeking to access new opportunities in a global marketplace.


Our key mission is to promote, nurture and accelerate the exports growth of the products and services made in the Kingdom of Bahrain and to support the internationalization of businesses in their efforts to position themselves as global enterprises.


Export Bahrain will continue to introduce and enhance a diversified portfolio of services and solutions that will accelerate the growth of exports with a drive to build on value, support economic growth, fuel innovation and reinforce the Kingdom of Bahrain’s position as a strategic global export hub by being a solution innovator.


Our objectives are to create tangible value and results to exporters through the creation of a broad network of essential partnerships locally and internationally to assist buyers and sellers with their objectives during every step of their export journey to both encourage the ease and competitiveness of exporting from Bahrain.