Market Demand Reports

Export Bahrain’s Market Demand Reports allows exporters gain access to customized market intelligence and export statistics data.


  • Enables businesses to obtain customized reports based on their exporting needs.
  • Uncover and address critical export researches catering to the changing trade and export dynamics.
  • Provide direction for exporters to develop a strategic plan when tapping into new markets.

Export Bahrain works with local businesses to understand their needs and requirements and therefore develop customized industry reports with reliable and actionable market research data tailored to their needs, increase exporters’ knowledge on the competitive landscape within a sector and navigate the opportunities and constraints in key markets.

The Market Demand Reports will include but not limited to the following:

  • Market Entry Requirements – Substantial due diligence towards assessing the requirements for each market to determine the best entry strategy including costs, the degree of adaptation of your product required, joint ventures and franchising opportunities, transportation costs and more.
  • Export Product and Service Analysis – Examining specific product or service export potential and its distinctive features.
  • Pricing Analysis – Determining the cost of exporting a specific product or service and how to create a pricing strategy.
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