Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where is Export Bahrain located?

Export Bahrain is located at Harbour Gate (5th Floor), Bahrain Financial Harbour, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

2. Who does Export Bahrain target?

Export Bahrain target’s all exporting and non-exporting Bahrain based businesses that have products and services. Export Bahrain supports companies at the following stages of their life cycle: Pre-exporters, Export Ready & Export Scale Ups.

3. How do I register my company with Export Bahrain?

Registration is very easy and fast to complete with Export Bahrain. Once you register and log into the Export Bahrain website, you will be able to view all the submission forms and criteria for each solution provided. Once you have submitted your request, a representative from the business development team will get in touch with you.

4. What is the eligibility criteria?

The three basic requirements to meet in order to be eligible to Export Bahrain’s solutions are mentioned below:

  • The company needs to have an active Bahraini Commercial Registration in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
  • The company needs to have revenues not exceeding BHD5,000,000.
  • The company needs to meet the minimum standards of local production, goods manufactured or processed. (35% or more)

5. How do I obtain my ‘Made in Bahrain’ Certification?

The ‘Made in Bahrain’ certification can be obtained through the MOICT (Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism) by applying through the following link:

6. Which methods of shipping do Export Bahrain support?

Export Bahrain supports shipping in all forms of land, air, and sea.

7. How long does it take to receive the required support?

Export Bahrain’s support is immediate if all the criteria are met, and all required documents and paperwork are submitted.

8. Which products can I export? Can I export services as well?

All products and services from the Kingdom of Bahrain can be exported as long as the company meets the eligibility criteria of Export Bahrain.

9. Do I need any kind of certification to export my products and services?

Yes. To be able to export, you will need either a Bahraini Commercial Registration, Sijili certificate or a license from the Ministry of Labour and Social Development (Khatwa).

10. How frequently can I apply to Export Bahrain’s solutions?

There are no restrictions to the number of solutions that a company can apply for through Export Bahrain, nor any limitations to the frequency of applications.

11. How can I access Export Bahrain’s Market Intelligence Platform

All customers can access Export Bahrain’s Market Intelligence tools once they are registered with Export Bahrain.

12. What types of risks are insured?

Export Credit Insurance covers two types of risks:

  • The Commercial Risks: Bankruptcy or protracted default of the importer. They are related to the importer and its creditworthiness.
  • The Political Risks also called Non-Commercial Risks: They are related to the country of the importer and they include war, civil disturbances, transfer restrictions, moratorium on external debt, confiscation, expropriation and nationalization, default of a public buyer.

13. How long is the Export Credit Insurance valid for?

The Export Credit Insurance is valid for a period of 1 year and can be renewed upon expiry.

14. How long does the Export Credit Insurance application take?

The full process from start to end takes roughly 10 to 15 days. (This includes customer application, contract signage, activation etc.)

15. How much does Export Credit Insurance pays in case of the default of payment by the importer?

The Export Credit Insurer will pay the exporter a minimum of 90% of the insured loss.

16. Will my customers abroad be informed that they are insured?

Export Credit Insurance is strictly confidential. This means that neither the credit insurer nor the exporter is allowed to disclose the existence of the credit insurance policy to the importer.

17. What is not covered by the Export Credit Insurance?

Commercial litigation and disputed invoices, non-compliance of the exporter with the terms and conditions of the export contract, sales made during any period in which the credit insurance was suspended, damages to or diminution of the delivered goods.

18. How are claims submitted?

Claims are submitted by completing a simplified Loss Notification Form and providing the relevant unpaid invoice and shipping documents.

19. How long does it take before the compensation is paid?

Compensation is paid after the expiry of the waiting period, i.e. after 30 days in case of bankruptcy of the importer or 180 days in case of protracted default of the importer or in case of political risks.